A review of Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket

by Anita on 16/05/2012


Recently I received another wonderful review for my book – Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket.

It is so lovely when readers contact me, letting me know how much they have enjoyed the book, how it has helped and so on…


I thought I would share the review with you –


Review on Amazon:

By Salina


From the moment I opened the front cover of Matty-Boy & the Secret Pigeon Racket I was transported into the world of a little boy I instantly fell in love with. Matt is just like every other kid with dreams of becoming a rock star, cheering on his favorite football team, and trying to fit in with his peers.


Living with the Joys while his mom recovers from depression, we follow Matt and his new friend Percy the Pigeon through many funny and exciting adventures. Together, they tackle the fear of starting over, attending a new school, and handling the pain of being picked on by a bully.


Bullying is a topic we as parents, teachers, and friends need to direct more attention to. It’s a subject that we sometimes find hard to talk to our children about, but through this book we are given an opening that makes it easier to approach the topic in a non-threatening way. This book is must read for 8-12 year olds who need the encouragement to tell someone if they are or someone they know is being bullied. I highly recommend it!


Author and trained Pastoral Youth Worker Anita Hunt will donate 50p from every book sale to “Bullying UK”, which will allow them to deal with 5 calls from bullied children for every sale.



If you have read the book and would like to share your review, please add one to Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk to encourage others, or let us know by email :).
It would be lovely to hear from you!


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