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Review written by Charles Conway of Scam Detectives


Matty Boy & the Secret Pigeon Racket

A children’s book by : Anita Hunt
Cover Illustration by: Sarah Miskelly

About Matty Boy

Matt Franks is 8 years old and loves Norwich City Football Club. Like most 8 year olds, Matt dreams of being a rock star and living a life in the spotlight. Unlike most 8 year olds however, Matt lives in foster care and has spent a lot of time moving between foster homes and regularly experiences the terror of starting a new school.

Friends are hard to come by when you don’t stay in one place for long, so when Matt goes to live with the Joy family, he doesn’t really expect things to be very different, especially when he attracts the unwelcome attentions of the school bully. He couldn’t have been more wrong!

About Percy The Pigeon

Percy the Pigeon (follow him on Twitter) meets Matt after running away from home and breaking his wing. Percy is the son of “The Don”, the head of the Pigeon Mafia, also known as “The Secret Pigeon Racket”. The Don has certain expectations of his son, and Percy just doesn’t want to live up to them.

Friendship, support and fun!

Once Matt gets over the shock of meeting a talking pigeon, he finds true friendship. Matt and Percy find that they are able to help each other to become more confident and overcome their fears. Their friendship culminates in a thrilling adventure where Matt becomes The Mighty, The Magnificent, Matty-Boy! Striking fear into the heart of the Secret Pigeon Racket at the very mention of his name, Matty-Boy & Percy find out that by working together and trusting each other, they can achieve anything! (but only after watching a few James Bond films for inspiration…)

A serious message

Although the story is great fun, and will appeal greatly to children, there’s a serious message too. Percy helps Matt to tell his mentor at school that he’s being bullied, and to get help, demonstrating to children that they too can get help if they are being bullied, and that they don’t have to deal with it alone.

Author and trained Pastoral Youth Worker Anita Hunt will donate 50p from every book sale to “Bullying UK”, which will allow them to deal with 5 calls from bullied children for every sale.

Matty Boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket” is available for only £8.99 plus P&P


[Added note from Are You Being Bullied site –

Since this review was written, the price of the book is now reduced to £7.50 plus p&p.

£1.00 will be donated to Bullying UK from each book sold through our website.]


Review by Stephen CV SERVICES 4 U

“Fantastic read. My daugther thoroughly enjoyed this book. Beautifully illustrated and well written. I highly recommend this book that deals with bullying and its affect to everyone!”

“Anita is a talented, compassionate lady. Her commitment to anti-bullying is applauded. Her book is inspirational and a thoroughly good read.”


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Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket


Mentions and interviews

We  have been mentioned on our local radio station The bay 102.8 FM and the Bournemouth Echo newspaper

We have been featured in the fantastic British Homing World Journal, run by the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, they ran a competition to win a signed copy of the book with a gift pack.

It is very appropriate to be featured in this journal, as the association’s Patron, is the Queen! I won’t give the story away, but this is important in Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket.

Percy the Pigeon has been mentioned on the BT Tradespace blog.

BT Today also very kindly wrote an article all about the book.

In the May issue of ‘Simply Knitting‘ our Percy the Pigeon knitting pattern designed by Alan Dart has been mentioned in the news section, and several other knitting magazines such as in the 2010 spring issue of vogue knitting in the US, and Designer knitting in the UK.


Angela Boothroyd from Studying Online

“Anita provides a professional and highly efficient service, but with a very personal touch. Anita is possibly the most supportive and thoughtful person I know and she approaches her relationships with people with the same honesty and integrity as she gives to her work. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to the anti-bullying cause is, without exaggeration, second-to-none.”