Jequirity Bean Bracelet Warning

by Anita on 12/03/2012


As part of my work with the anti-bullying campaign I also try to pass on Schools health and safety information when I hear about it.

Jequirty Bean Bracelet

Jequirty Bean Bracelet

A warning has gone out from the Schools health and Safety team and the Young Persons Asset team, about a bracelet called a Jequirity Bean Bracelet

These bracelets have been on sale in various retail oulets such as the Eden project in Cornwall and London Zoo, alongside 34 other popular retailers. There is a call from these reputable shops and tourist attractions, urging customers to return these items as soon as possible.

The Jequirty Bean Bracelet is made from deadly seed from the plant abrus precatorious. The toxin contained within is deadly enough to kill if just 3 micrograms have been consumed. It is similar to the chemical agent ricin often used as a warfare agent

The warning sent out is that if you have bought this item, to wash your hands carefully, bag it and take it to your nearest police station.

If you are worried that your children has one of these bracelets, I would recommend a visit to your Doctor to put your mind at rest.


For more information please visit –  EDP 24 website – Hertfordshire resident alerted to deadly bracelet threat.


Photo from EDP 24 Website.

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