Knit a mini Alan Dart Percy the Pigeon pattern


Do you enjoy knitting?


Percy the Pigeon is a character from my children’s novel – Matty-boy & the Secret Pigeon Racket, to encourage a child that they are not alone if they are being bullied.

I contacted the very talented toy designer – Alan Dart who designs knitted and fabric toys. Alan very kindly designed a knitting pattern of Percy, from the lovely illustration by Sarah Miskelly.

Be a part of our campaign and made a difference to a child

We are asking knitters to join our campaign by donating their knitted Percy the Pigeons to their local schools, or youth groups, to spread Percy’s important message – Please tell someone if you are being bullied.

Money raised through book sales and donations from knitters for a copy of Alan Dart’s pattern will go to the charity Bullying UK who are a part of Family Lives.

To get your copy of the pattern:

Any donations to the anti-bullying campaign would be gratefully received. A donation of just £2.00 makes a difference to 20 young people who are affected by bullying. You can make a donation directly to the charity by visiting this link –  Just Giving.

Percy the Pigeon knitting pattern terms and conditions

If you would like a copy of the Percy knitting pattern, please agree to our terms and conditions.
It can be printed for your personal use, but not resold, loaned, photocopied, scanned, transferred on to CD,or transmitted to a third party.

Pattern and finished Percy photograph © 2009 Alan Dart

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please click on the following link – Percy the Pigeon, to download your PDF copy of Alan’s pattern.(Please note: you will need adobe reader to be able to open the pattern)

We hope you enjoy knitting him, if you would like to be a part of our campaign by donating mini Percy’s to your local schools or youth groups, information can be found here.


Anita – author of Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket