Where to go for help if you are being bullied

Anti-bullying Advice and Support


Here are some details of various anti-bullying charities that are there to offer you help, advice and support.

Bullying UK (a part of Family Lives)

Web address: www.bullying.co.uk

Email address: help@bullying.co.uk

Phone number: 0808 800 2222


Bullying UK Facebook page:

Twitter: BullyingUK

Advice Live Online

This website provides an excellent resource of how and where to get help.

Please take a moment to read through their information for young people, adults, parents, and professionals.



Web address:  www.kidscape.org.uk

Kidscape’s helpline for parents – 08451 205 204 {Mon – Fri 10.00 -16.00}

Details of how to contact them can be seen herehttp://www.kidscape.org.uk/info/contacts.shtml

Kidscape Facebook Group: 

Twitter: Kidscape

Kidscape is a wonderful charity that works with children and young people under the age of 16. They also provide advice to parents and professionals.



Web address: www.cybermentors.org.uk
A new initiative run by Beat Bullying

CyberMentors (11-25 year olds) mentor and assist other young people who use the website. They have experienced BACP accredited counsellors who are on hand to help.To find out more please visit their website here.


Young People’s UK Actionline

Web address: http://www.eachaction.org.uk/content/actionline

Telephone number: 0808 1000 143 Monday – Friday 10am-4pm

(Landline and most mobile phone calls will be free)

Run by Each – to help those affected by homophobic bullying.

EACH’s Actionline takes calls from children and young people (or an adult on their behalf) who are experiencing homophobic bullying anywhere in England and Wales.

EACH staff provide professional, confidential support and guidance and can help callers decide on the best course of action.

There is now the option to report homophobic bullying online to get the support you need at http://www.eachaction.org.uk/hir


Bully Free Zone

Web address: http://www.bullyfreezone.co.uk

Bully Free Facebook page: 

Twitter: BFZonline

They run workshops throughout the North East to thousands of people of all ages.

They have a guide – ‘Say No to Bullying’ and other useful information.They work to raise awareness of bullying and look at ways of resolving conflict and bullying.


Enable Scotland

Web address: http://www.enablemescotland.info/

Email address:  enable@enable.org.uk

Twitter: ENABLEScotland

Phone number: 0141 226 4541

Enable Scotland, help families, children and adults with learning disablilites.

They run a special service called ‘Respect me’ giving help and information to those who are affected by bullying. Through their research, they found that 93% of children with learning disabilities have been affected by bullying.They have many useful tools and advice available to help. Please support their essential work.


Red Balloon Learner Centre –

Red Balloon Website

Email: rb@national.redballoonlearner.org.uk

Tel: 01223 366052

Red Balloon Facebook page

This organisation help children who are affected by Bullying . They provide education in a safe environment for those who are unable to go to school because they have been severely bullied.