Why I wrote Matty-boy & The Secret Pigeon Racket

I have had personal experience of the devastating effects of bullying, and wanted to find a way to help those who are being bullied to get the help they need.

In a survey conducted in 2006 by Bullying UK, ‘out of the 4,772 pupils interviewed, 69 % of them had been affected by bullying.’ Quote from Bullying UK – please visit their website for further information.

Encouraging a young person to tell a trusted adult is vital

so that they may receive the help and support that they need!

I am a trained Pastoral worker and have worked with many youth groups and young people where bullying is a common problem, but is still a subject that is so difficult to talk about.

The aim of the book is to reach a wider audience and create a discussion on the subject of bullying, so that young people can be helped to talk through these issues at home, schools and youth clubs.

Many people whether young or older, find it very difficult to tell someone if they are being bullied. A common experience is to feel that you are alone. Bullying can take place in many forms from verbal and physical, right through to cyber bullying.

There are many charities like Bullying UK and Kidscape whose work is assisting thousands of young people and their families every year.

If we can support them by learning and becoming more aware of the issues, and helping to raise funds for their vital work, more young people and their families can be saved from the consequences of bullying.

‘Bullying UK supports over 500,000 people a year for a cost of just £50,000 a cost of just 10p per person supported.’


‘Founded over 10 years ago Bullying UK is the leading anti-bullying charity

and a safety net for UK children when all else fails.’


‘We are so pleased that Anita, Matt and Percy the Pigeon are supporting Bullying UK

I am sure that Anita’s fantastic writing will help young people to understand that bullying can be overcome.’

Quotes by John Carnell Founder Bullying UK.


Creating a discussion on the subject of bullying

My hope is that the book (aimed at 8-12 year olds) will provide a discussion surrounding the issue of bullying that can be used in schools and at home, particularly if you are a parent who is concerned that your child may be suffering from bullying, and are not sure how to broach the subject. Reading through the story and looking at how Matt copes with the situation may help to raise and talk through the issues.





Please help us ‘spread the word’ thank you!